Tall Square Basket

Tall Square Basket

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Know our work:

The Tall Square Basket can be used to keep stationery supplies, laundry clothes, and even store any small household items including magazines and washed utensils. The height of the baskets enables and enhances the usage of the basket by sustainably creating more storage space. These are made by the local village women with love. The Tall Square Baskets are made with waste newspaper and 100% natural color giving importance to the idea of upcycling. They are available in different colors and sizes fitting the requirement of the client.


Cleaning Instruction:

Gently wipe with a wet cloth

Size Dimensions and Weight:

Products Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)  Weight (g)
Small 15 15 15 380
Medium 20 20 18 620
Large 25 25 21 960


Colors Available : 

Red Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Peacock Blue, Turquoise Blue, Green, Yellow, Maroon, Violet, Purple, Natural, Gold and Silver

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