Oval Handle Basket

Oval Handle Basket

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Know our work:

The Oval Handle Basket is made of waste newspaper and all-natural color by the women of the local village. Wallpaper focuses on enhancing the lifestyle with sustainable choices including upcycled products. This basket is a perfect mix of durability and style combined in one for daily usage at your place. You can either choose to use it at your workplace or home. This Oval Handle Basket can be used to carry flowers and fruit or keep small spice containers. Besides, at work can be used as a decorative item leaving a lavish look to the room when decorated with dry flowers. This is available in different colors, sizes and can be your next classic hand-weaved pick.

Cleaning Instruction:

Gently wipe with a wet cloth

Size dimensions and Weight:

Products Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)  Weight (gm)
Small 20 14
7 250
Medium 27 18
Large 32

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