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The primary goal of WELL is to empower local village women with skills to build, manage and maintain self-sustaining units. The women receive training, guidance and support in product development, market and team management, and personal development.

All Wellpaper products are hand-made, upcycled and eco-friendly, transforming recycled newspaper into art and accessories.

Over time, the women’s groups have developed into autonomous units, making their own business decisions towards their goal of financial independence. Today, some of the WELL women are conducting the training workshops themselves to reach other local women and small business units.


We envision to create a ripple effect of elevating women’s status within rural communities across India by making them financially independent. We share our knowledge by conducting training and workshops to reach other rural women and small business units, encouraging them to develop business models based on local art by up-cycling wastes.


The WELL women are the power behind this lovely project. They are organized within independent profit sharing groups which earn income according to their quality of performance and group progress. They are involved in designing and coordinating training programs and products. These women govern through the four independent production units namely Sri Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ester and Jeyam. Today, after years of experience, the WELL Women are teaching social enterprise development and recycling skills for many other social organizations in distance locations.


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