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Wellpaper Auroville

Our vision is women empowerment and ecological awareness

Empowerment is the main raison d’être of Wellpaper’s existence and that leads us to Education of our stakeholders who are primarily rural-women. Some of these early adopters have been with us for over ten years and have become experts in their respective crafts. They travel around India training NGOs, schools and other organizations to share upcycling skills and knowledge for enterprise development. These are some of the initiatives Wellpaper has taken in the field of education.
Training Programmes

These programs are run for those who would like to develop an extra stream of income by creating craft products from waste using various techniques that we have mastered over the years.

DIY videos on crafts

We have created a number of videos in the past and some of these have been very successful with millions of views. Encouraged by this overwhelming response, we have now decided to create a lot more of these DIY videos.

Craft Workshop

Craft workshops are designed to give an immersive experience to the participants and help them create objects of their own using various techniques. These workshops are run at our Auroville Centre