Workshops and training by WELL's women

The festive season is just around the corner and we are focused on the decorative items and how they can help the environment. We want these eco-friendly products to reach as many people as possible. But this post is not about the products, environment or the festive season. It in fact is about the thing that we focus on the most. It is about the women at WELL and the training and workshops they receive. Interesting thing is, WELL’s women have also started giving workshops to newcomers or anyone who wants to learn about the products and the process. The endeavor started 15 years ago when the first batch of women was formed as an action plan to help tsunami struck areas.
Wellpaper over the years have transitioned from empowering women to empowerment for all and promoting ecological awareness. The empowerment routine is divided into two segments: short term workshops, which focuses on giving an introduction on techniques such as weaving, coiling and jewelry making and these range from a single day training to a two week training process that emphasizes skill training. The other segment that Wellpaper focuses on is a long term workshop that ranges from two months to six depending upon the budget and location of the organiser. In long term workshops the main focus is on providing skill training as well as business development techniques like determining price mechanism, stakeholder management etc.. Moreover we at wallpaper are proud that some of the women who were the past recipients of the workshop are now becoming a key member in organising workshops for empowerment and promoting ecological awareness as well.These women through various experiences in running and working independently are now self-sufficient and confident enough to share their ideas and have an equal say in terms of decision making and coordinating the structure of the workshop. The women instructors have the power to negotiate the batch size, duration of workshop and training technique that will be taught based upon the time period of workshop.
The vision with which wallpaper started this journey has now come into fruition where these women are able to help each other not only in providing jobs but also in terms of helping other people to gain skills and techniques to empower themselves and move out of the vulnerability cycle.

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