The Well Women of Wellpaper were recently invited by eCoExist to conduct few workshops in Pune. The workshops were part of the ‘the beauty of recycling’ campaign led by the eCoexist, a social enterprise which looks at the aesthetic and financial potential of up-cycling waste. This year the campaign focused on conducting training programs for underprivileged groups.

It is women's 12 years of experience and hard-work that have made them so confident and independent that it has become so easy for them to face the world. The Well Women come from small villages near Auroville, who were first afraid to even step out of their houses and now they conduct workshops and training programs and share their art and skill of creating the useful handicraft products by recycling papers.


This the second time when eCoexist invited the women of Wellpaper to conduct a workshop. They conducted around six workshops for women, children including the some special needed groups. It was a four day training program from 2nd to 6th November. This time the women were going on their own and thus they went through their own little training before going.

The main highlight of the workshop was the mixed media products made out of waste like newspaper, plastic and rags, completely going with theme of the workshop.
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"We could inform and spread the word about WELLPaper to the outside world, and not restrict it to just here. We also could teach people there about making many innovative products like baskets, trays etc. to people who only thought of making bags"- Mangai Yarskarasi

The training programs were conducted for different women group which were backed by the Forbes Marshall and few Non profit organizations. The women felt a deep connection with these people especially the children in Mehar Ashram who were orphans and mentally challenged.

The WELL women have come a long way from just working inside the four walls to now going out and showing the world what they can do.


  • Great work ! Great woman! I love it !

    Iris chen
  • “WELL” done…!!!?


  • More power to wellpaper!

    Deepankar Panda
  • Amazing. Great work

  • I love it. thanks Wellpaper team

    Danny Merguei

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