Go Green with Wellpaper this Christmas!


The festive season is just around the corner and we’re on a mission to inspire earth-conscious and Eco-friendly choices this Christmas! It’s a time to gather with our loved ones to celebrate connection and with more importance than ever this year in the wake of Corona that has clouded most of the year worldwide. 

As a revered holiday for celebration and festivities, it is known for its extravagance of decorations to adorn the homes and invite the Christmas cheer. We are all in on the fun and joy of decorating and we know it would be more extravagant this time as this has been a very difficult year for all of us, but there’s a critical need to shed light on the inundation of waste that makes a devastating contribution to landfill in the name of Christmas. 

What is the extent of your own decorations? Do you find yourself buying new shinier ornaments to bring about the Christmas cheer? Majority of ornaments and decorations are non-disposable and find their way to landfill, polluting our environment, contaminating our soils and subsequently affecting the wildlife. But you may ask, how big is the problem of waste during the festive season? Simply put it’s massive and needs to be addressed. Christmas is surely one of the most wonderful times of the year but it sure generates a lot of waste and most of which is unfortunately sent to landfills where it does long-lasting damage to the environment. As an example, an average child receives sixteen gifts during Christmas in the UK. With Christmas being celebrated in most countries and the world's population touching 8 billion, that’s a lot of bubble wrap, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and name tags that need to be disposed of after these gifts have been excitedly ripped open. Add to this more than a billion Christmas. And we are still talking about the UK alone. Statistics show that in the UK alone, 30% of waste is created than usual during the festive periods. Other countries which celebrate Christmas are not very different. In the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, American households generate 25% more waste than normal. During Christmas, most of the gifts, decoration and ornaments are shipped directly from China and an approx. of 4000 tonnes of products arrive from there that are covered mostly in plastics. This way we maximize Carbon footprint in the environment and produce nearly 17bn waste all over the world during the period of Christmas.

So, to reduce this waste we as decoration item’s producers have put up some wonderful ornaments and decorations, which will have minimal impact on the environment. This is your job as customers to at least try these out and make Christmas special not only for yourself and your loved ones but also for the future generations.

Here at Wellpaper, we purpose you to think green and buy smart by helping the local community and small organisation like ours that produces recycled and up cycled Christmas decoration and ornaments, that moves from traditional practice of making waste, rather uses waste like Styrofoam to up cycle its value through creative reuse like making ‘ornaments bells’ and ‘hearts’, and recycle unwanted waste like paper to produce ‘hanging stars’.  This product tends to have the greater quality from its previous life cycle and also, provide additional environmental value or artistic value.

Hence why we wish to encourage conscious and Eco-friendly choices over this giant industry of cheap plastic products generated in china. We are offering not only unique but long-lasting options in place. With quirky and original designs that you won’t find anywhere else! And we’ve looked around, ourselves. Our pieces are one of a kind and will leave you assured to know you are making a choice in support of our environment.

So this year we invite you to join us in support of a green Christmas with minimal carbon footprint with decorations that will last you many holidays to come and impress friends and family alike! And why not spread the word of encouragement by gifting loved ones with a pack of decorations to support in creating a beautiful social impact through your celebrations while spreading cheer and joy!



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