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Wellpaper Auroville

Our vision is women empowerment and ecological awareness

WELL is an acronym for Women Empowerment through Local Livelihood. The project started in 2005 as a Tsunami rehabilitation response when the areas around Auroville were severely affected. Following the Tsunami, the lives of people were thrown into disarray and that’s how the brand Wellpaper was conceived with its center located in Kottakarai village, Auroville.

Women are the backbone of the project. They are part of decision making, product design, training programs & they also conduct workshops to share their skills. Wellpaper’s women have traveled around India training NGOs, schools and other organizations to share upcycling skills and knowledge for enterprise development.

Empowerment starts with an extended training program for conscious enterprise development. Continues with a follow up program for quality education. The learning contains elements of personal and group strengthening in order to develop independent artisans skills. 

Local: The philosophy behind this humble word is firstly respect the local community culture. It is a state of mind of the relationship between the host and the guest. Hospitality is a major value of the local community. In addition it is related to sustainability elements like upcycle local waste, preserve local craft methods to match contemporary design. 

Livelihood income generation starts after completing the training by marketing up-cycled handicraft. Developing alternative source of income to increase the market share of the bio-region


Ecological awareness is achieved through distribution of the Eco-friendly products along with promotional activities. The products are created from local solid waste (mainly newspaper). The design of the products are based on values such as zero waste policy, simplicity, no machinery, non toxic materials. 


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