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WELL stands for "Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood�

Initiated in 2005, in Auroville Tamil Nadu, as a tsunami rehabilitation program, Wellpaper has grown into a social enterprise model that touches the lives of over 100 women across many villages in the area.

The primary goal of WELL is to empower local village women with skills to build, manage and maintain self-sustaining units. The Best Apple iPhone Case women receive training, guidance and support in product development, market and team management, and personal development.

All Wellpaper products are hand-made and Eco-friendly, transforming recycled newspaper into art and accessories. From baskets, bowls and coasters to  jewelry, X'mas ornaments, and colorful papier mache figures, there is SO much to choose from.

WELL strongly believes in and advocates women’s empowerment. Over time, the women’s� groups have developed into autonomous units, making their own business decisions towards their retro toys goal of financial independence. Today, some of the WELL women are conducting the training workshops themselves to reach other local women and small business units. 
Wellpaper workshop is located close by Bamboo center in the mangalam site, Kotaakarai. On the middle way from the town hall "mushroom" toward  Ganesh bakery, turn left toward the Kalli temple. Follow the road till Wellpaper arched building. Wellpaper workshop is located in Kotaakarai village, please go to: